President Donald Trump made it clear in 2017 that he is not messing around when it comes to illegal immigration. Now, new reports are coming in that Trump is stepping up his efforts to crack down on illegal immigration in 2018.

Fox News reported that almost 200 illegal aliens were found stuffed inside large trucks and caught trying to enter the United States illegally during three January smuggling busts that occurred in just nine days. The illegal aliens all came from Mexico and Central America.

On Monday, officials in Southern California found 77 people, including 5 children, inside a sweltering truck that had been painted to resemble a UPS truck. They were discovered after a Border Patrol agent noticed the truck was riding low and “could smell body odor mixed with a distinct type of pungent soap which is commonly used in Mexico.”

A similar situation occurred last week in Laredo, Texas, where border patrol agents found 76 immigrants, including 13 children, from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala lying on the floor or crouching against the walls of a tractor-trailer rig. One week before that, Laredo border agents stopped a tractor-trailer with 29 illegal immigrants from Mexico and Guatemala crossing into the U.S.

Jessica Vaughn, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, explained that Laredo and Southern California are funnels for an “enormous” volume of international trade, making them easy targets for smugglers.

“There is no way that all of them are screened [as closely as they should be],” she said, going on to say that the financial incentive from smugglers and drivers is just too high to discard.

In one of these cases, the driver was identified as Shawn Lee Seiler, a U.S. citizen who told authorities he was “an alien smuggler” who expected to get paid $100 per immigrant that he got across

“[This] is only a fraction of what the smugglers [who are putting them on the trucks] are getting,” Vaughn said. “It’s a couple thousand – I believe the going rate was around $3,000 a person. The cartels that control the flow are making a huge amount of money…It’s a multi-million dollar business.”

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