Fans were stunned by what Eric Bolling did during his TV return…

Fans of former Fox News host Eric Bolling were devastated back in the fall when his beloved son Eric Chase died of a drug overdose days after his father was fired from the network over sexual misconduct allegations. Bolling has kept a low profile since then, but he resurfaced this week on “Morning Joe” to discuss how he has been holding up. Sadly, it quickly became clear that
Bolling is still struggling very much with his son’s passing.

The Hill reported that Bolling became emotional as he talked to hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski about how painful the loss was for his family, and how touched he was by the outpouring of sympathy he received.

“It was a complete, devastating shock to us,” Bolling said. “Adrian spilled out onto the road. I picked her up and we sat on the curb for a while and your mind goes to a place that I can’t explain…Immediately we were in major, major depression. We didn’t know what to do.”

He went on to thank everyone for the “overwhelming” condolence calls he got from Scarborough, Trump and many others after his son’s death became public knowledge. Bolling then talked about the death toll drugs take on college campuses, and the importance of parents talking about this issue with their children. Bolling praised Trump for his focus on the matter, saying “he cares about this issue…The guy has empathy and compassion for this.”

“We’re about to sit down to the Thanksgiving table, and there’s an empty chair right there, Eric’s chair,” Bolling recounted. “I’m seeing it happening — the turkey’s on the table, and we’re walking over there, and it’s going to be really bad. And the phone rings, and it’s Trump who says, ‘You know, Eric, I understand this is the first holiday without him. I wanted you to know we’re thinking about you.’”

Bolling went on to talk about his son’s final days.

“His did great in his first year at the University of Colorado. And this is important: In the last couple of weeks of his life, there was a dramatic change in his personality,” Bolling explained. “He must have hooked up with some people, maybe he was starting to experiment with some of the harder drugs. And I’m telling you, if you see a personality change — it was dramatic. As a parent you say, ‘Something’s going on.’ We just had no idea how dramatic it was ultimately going to be.”

Please keep Eric Bolling and his family in your thoughts and prayers!