BREAKING: Hillary Clinton reemerged over the weekend to launch an attack on President Donald Trump, but it didn’t end well for her.

The Hill reported that while speaking at an event in Mumbai, India, Clinton was asked about Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Trump does have quite an affinity for dictators. He really likes their authoritarian posturing and behavior,” Clinton said. “He does have a pre-existing attitude of favorability toward these dictators, but I think it’s more than that with Putin and Russia.”

Clinton was then asked whether she believes Russia has “something” on Trump.

“Well, we’ll find out. We’ll find out,” Clinton said. “Follow the money.”

Later in the event, Clinton showed she is still bitter about losing the 2016 presidential election, as she whined that if “people were looking for a reality TV campaign, maybe I should have given them more entertainment.”

“I’m the mother who says, ‘Eat your spinach; you’ll grow up strong.’ Someone else is saying, ‘Eat all the fast food and the ice cream you can possibly stick in your mouth,'” she said.

Twitter users, however, made it clear that they have had enough of Clinton and her nonsense:

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