Liberal snowflakes have just been triggered once again by a new photo of President Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

During Trump’s recent meeting in the Oval to promote the newly passed tax reform package, many photos were taken of him. Unfortunately, one photo in particular garnered the attention of haters who noticed one “disturbing” detail that set them off.

Mad World News reported that Trump was seen wearing a custom-made shirt with the number “45” embroidered in navy blue on one of the cuffs.

Liberals immediately took to the internet to slam Trump for wearing this number.

“Oh don’t be stupid DM … it’s not his presidential number. It’s his IQ, written on his sleeve, so he doesn’t forget it,” one internet user wrote.

“I’m just surprised he hasn’t tattooed it across his forehead, yet,” another stated.

“Tacky, ignorant and arrogant. Exactly what is it that you like about him?!?” one internet user wrote.

“Trump has 45 embroidered on his cuffs. I keep my IQ and BMI private,” another added.

This just goes to show that liberals will take literally any excuse they can to attack Trump. Given his success with the economy and his policies, they have nothing left to criticize besides his clothes.

This comes after Conservative Tribune reported that Trump’s budget contains some of the biggest reforms to the workforce in decades, and to put it simply, it seeks to “hire the best and fire the worst.” Senior officials with the Office of Management and Budget said that the plan aims to put a stop to regular, tenure-and merit-based raises for more than 1.5 million federal workers and instead focus on performance-based raises.

This means that federal employees will now have to work hard for their raises, and those who do not perform well could be fired. Officials say the overall goal of the budget was to bring the 1950s-styled Civil Service into the digital age.

These officials added that annual reviews that now give “everybody” a grade of four or five on a scale of five would be eliminated. The budget will also cut employee benefits, which can be 47 percent higher than those in the private workforce.

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