Ever since last month’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, student survivor David Hogg has become a national celebrity thanks to the numerous appearances he has made on the mainstream media calling for gun control. This week, however, Hogg took things too far when he made a major threat on his social media, and it immediately came back to bite him.

Mad World News reported that Hogg took to Twitter over the weekend to beg his many new followers to get “in direct contact with your representatives.”

“Spread the message, call them during your walkouts or everyday for that matter!” Hogg wrote alongside a script to read off with blank spaces to fill in information relevant to the caller.

Unfortunately for Hogg, however, he majorly slipped up here. In admitting that his peers needed scripts to read from when talking to lawmakers, Hogg accidentally confirmed that all of the high schoolers screaming for gun control and walking out of their schools really have no idea what they’re talking about. They don’t even know enough to come up with a few sentences when calling the elected officials whom they’re now threatening to “vote out of office.”

Meanwhile, Hogg and his followers are planning yet another nationwide school walkout on Wednesday.

“The final goal is to unite the school and get the gun control we feel we deserve,” said Mary Beck, a Chicago-area student who attends Lyons Township High School. “We’re going to come outside and form a human chain. United in what we believe in.”

School administrators all over the U.S. are furious about this planned protest.

“To disrupt school and put themselves in a potentially unsafe situation, we’re saying they don’t have a First Amendment right to do that,” commented Bruce Law, Superintendent for Hinsdale School District 86.

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